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Our Services

Grid Connected Solar Solutions

  • A grid-connected photovoltaic system, or grid-connected PV system is an electricity generating solar PV power system that is connected to the utility grid.
  • A grid-connected PV system consists of solar panels, one or several inverters, a power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment.
  • They range from small residential and commercial rooftop systems to large utility-scale solar power stations
  • When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load, to the utility grid
solar image
solar image

RCC Rooftop Solar Solutions

  • RCC stands for Reinforced cement concrete. These kinds of mounting structures are used to install solar panels over concrete rooftops.
  • Roof-mounted racks reduce the distance between the solar array and the solar inverter
  • In doing so, it decreases the amount of wiring required, which prevents DC losses.
  • These are the most common types of installations in the residential and commercial segments.

Metal Shed Rooftop Solar Solutions

  • Metal Shed Mounting structures are essentially rooftop solar structures. However, rather than concrete roofs, they are mounted on metal sheds/sheet roofing
  • These can be used in the residential sector, but are more popular among commercial and industrial consumers.
  • Business owners opt for shed mounts to install solar plants over their factories, warehouses, cafeterias, etc. to independently generate clean energy and reduce their energy bills.
solar image
solar image

Solar Carport

  • A solar carport is a covered parking area with a canopy made from PV panels. Sometimes these carports are designed for a single parking other time, they might be strung together in a series to cover entire commercial parking lots.
  • It is a structure that not only provides shade to your vehicles but it also generates electricity.
  • Either way, solar carport owners benefit from cheaper and cleaner electricity, while also providing shade and protection for their vehicles.

High Altitude Solar Projects

  • Specific Solar Rooftop Projects executed on High Altitude Buildings , like skyscrapers , Luxury 5 Star Hotels and High-Rise Corporate Towers.
  • The higher altitudes have more direct radiation and less diffuse radiation.
  • As a result, full solar radiation is available at higher elevations, creating a more efficient PV system than ground-mounted PV systems.
high-altitude image
battery based

Battery Based Solar Solutions

  • The Battery based solar power system to store the excess electricity generated by your solar panels. One can then use that stored energy to operate when your solar panels don't generate enough electricity
  • Suitable for Homes, offices, industries with problematic grid reliability

Floating Solar Solutions

  • Floating solar or floating photovoltaics (FPV), are solar panels mounted on a structure that floats on a body of water, typically a reservoir or a lake such as drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals or remediation and tailing ponds.
  • Solar panels on the floating solar power plant are firmly fixed on buoyant structures to keep them afloat on water bodies to receive sufficient sunlight throughout the year.
floating solar